Ba7eb fe gharamak


Ba7eb fe gharamak

ba7eb fe 3armak al2y klamak . mo7adad osady . klam mosh be ya7wed ya (x2)byad ya aswed laken mosh ramady

kida kida 7aradny 7atksab wa taksab wedady

baheb fe garmak 2lai klamak sare7. 3ashan ya 7abeby ma shokesh fe klama(x2) lha may3nen

baheb fe 3ramak 2lai klamak shaded al wodo7 . 3ashan ya 7abeby asda2 wa(x2) fadfad wa bo7

baheb fe 3aramk 2lai klamak mo7aded osady ..klam mosh be ya7wed ya abyad ya aswed laken mosh ramaby

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Ba7eb fe gharamak

like this like this you will make me happy and win my heart(x2)

but with you joulsy will lose my heart

word two meaning

i love you.i find you words perfect for me . your words make me dazzy somtime (x2)it's balck sometime it's white but never gray

i love you i find in you words the truth. beacues baby i wont think form one(x2)

i love you i find your words very clear. beacues baby i want to belive you and (x2)say what's in my heart

i love you i find your words are perfect for me .. words make me dizzy sometime black somtime white but never gray

Von rasha am Di, 16/12/2008 - 09:54 eingetragen
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