Nameless (Bezimena)

  • Künstler: Ana Kokić (Ана Кокић (Ана Рађен))
  • Album: Psiho
  • Lied: Bezimena
Englisch Übersetzung


I was your fire
I was your ice
I was your trail in the snow
Concealed from people's view
I was your song
And the girl for everything
Your leaf in the wind
And yet you were hers
I've had enough, my sorrow
Calling via an anonymous number
I've had enough of those bad days
Your false promises
I've had enough of the charade
And feeling like I'm stealing you
As if half of me is missing
As if I am nameless
I've had enough
Just one candle burns
That isn't me anymore
In the mirror is someone else
Some nameless girl
Von Lumosnight am Di, 15/05/2012 - 01:10 eingetragen


Bila sam ti vatra
bila sam ti led
bila sam tvoj trag u snegu
od ljudi skriven pogled
Bila sam ti pesma
i devojka za sve
bila sam tvoj list na vetru