Better Than The Best (Bolja od najbolje)

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Better Than The Best

Ooo, my whole body's sweating
my dear, when I see how strong you are
it's not that I'm afraid
the darkness has drank up all of your mind
I still know anyway
that I need you everyday
that I belong to you
ooo, because know I know that you
are everything I ever wish to have
And believe that I am losing air
and I shudder from your glance
I am losing ground under my feet
I go crazy from your touch
Because every single time
when you are created beside me
even if you're not handsome nor young
I will be the best of all women
show me where and I'll jump now
Yeah, so many women
be beggin' for attention
stll making no connection
feeling no affection
Selection is based on beauty
you have to be as good as me
very superficial, it's all about what i see
Nina baby, you know you're
one of many
I train hard everyday
I have no time for steady
Relationships, they come
and go quick, fast
Now sing for me girl
show you're up for the task
I'm the man of your dreams
the flavour that you need
I'll be that graving girl
that you have to feed
What you see ain't always
what you get
and what you get ain't always
what you need
Ooo, my whole body's sweating
although my sign doesn't fit me
it's not that I'm afraid
'cause you're an aries and I'm a cancer
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Bolja od najbolje

Ooo, sva se znojim
kad vidim, srce, koliko si jak
ma ne da se bojim
svu tvoju pamet popio je mrak
Svejedno znam
svaki dan ja te trebam
tebi pripadam


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