Beer, Smoke and Illusion [ Chikahisuno Kensou ( 地下室の喧騒 ) ]

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Beer, Smoke and Illusion

Are you real?
Is this reality?
I can hear your voice
I can even see your image
The wall seems to reach the stratosphere
The ditch seems to reach the centrosphere
Yeah, that's right!
I haven't still met you!
Beer, smoke and illusion
The blather in the basement
Is flushed down the toilet
In the world of razz outstripping smiles
The distance is more than between earth and moon
Solitude, like being dropped on a desert one night
What do you think?
Will we meet?
Beer, smoke and illusion
The morning of such a day is always sad
The morning of such a day is always clear
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Chikahisuno Kensou ( 地下室の喧騒 )

Romaji :
anata ha honmono na no ka ?
kore tou ha genjitsu na no ka ?
sono koe ha kikoeru
sugata mo mieru noni
sono kabe ha seisouken ni tassuru you da