This Scarf (Chunari Chunari)

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This Scarf

This scarf ...
I bought a red scarf from Lalbad of Lal Ganj
I colored it more red by dipping in red color
Come touch my scarf darling!
I will say nothing, I swear to you
I have become young
What would I do without you? Have pity on my youth.
Come touch my scarf darling!
I will say already nothing I swear to you
My red scarf always gets shy
If you look at it, it gets even redder
The way your scarf is wrapped, makes me crazy
Even before that, I was dying for you, now I am dying for you more
Dearest, please don't put such difficulties over me
If this scarf slip from your lovely body swishingly
Then it seem as if there is lightning in the sky even without clouds
My heart wishes to put all this lovely thunder over you
I will clutch my arms around you and put this scarf over you
my torment gets worse, never comes to end
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Chunari Chunari

chunarii chunarii...
laal ga.nj ke laal baadar se laal chunariya laa'ii
laal me.n Daal Daalke laal laal ra.ngvaa'ii
aa jaa na chhuu le merii chunarii sanam
kuchh na mai.n boluu.n tujhe merii qasam
aa'ii jawaanii sar pe mere
tere bin kya karuu.n jawaanii pe raham


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