I Should Have Hurt You [ Да те бях ранила (Da te byah ranila) ]

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I Should Have Hurt You

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Again you try to make me sorry that we were together and that I even know you.
I'm not strong enough to leave... I shouldn't be with you... and yet I'll die without you...
Again I'm going to be sorry that I know you... and that I give myself to you like crazy...
I didn't learn my lesson, I'm still like that. To a man that hurts me I can feel attraction...
(Chorus:) Have you ever asked how I feel... you haven't... but yet I'm still with you...
If I had hurt you once... but no, I don't have this power.
And again I'm looking in your eyes... and again I'm listening to your lies...
And again I'll get over you... I love you and that's all I can do...
You've seen how a cigarette can burn the skin...
The same way your kisses are burning mine... with this smell of you cheating on me..
Kiss me like you'll never stop...
But in your mind you're somewhere else, I know you...
You won't stay...
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Да те бях ранила (Da te byah ranila)

Ще ме накараш пак да съжалявам,
че бях със тебе и че те познавам,
но да си тръгна сили не намирам;
със теб не трябва, а без теб умирам.
Ще съжалявам пак, че те познавам
и като луда цяла ти се давам;
не се отучих, още съм такава –


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