Hotter more befuddled (1) [ Daha Sıcak Daha Dumanlı ]


Daha Sıcak Daha Dumanlı


Ne kadar çıkar sesin bak bas bas bas bağırarak
Yakında kopacak çok derinden
Sen de söyle istersen, sana da yer var burda gel gel gel
(Sıra kimde)

Bari sen de söyle ya sen de
Daha sıcak daha sıcak daha dumanlı

Çırpınır durur akar bu yaşlar bak bak bak gözlerinden
Dönmeyiz sözünden yürür izinden
Sen ne buldun ölümde daha çok yol var önünde gel gel gel
(Sıra kimde)

Bari sen de vurma sen de
Savaş biter sen iste yeter yaz yaz yaz yaz yaz duvara
Ordular kızacak darbe olacak
Katıl sen de istersen barışa yer var burada gel, gel gel gel
(Sıra bizde)
Durma sen de söyle sen de

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Hotter more befuddled (1)

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Clamour (2) stronger look yell yell yell (3)
Soon it will flare up strong
If you wanna speak, so speak, there is a place for you too here (we have a place for you here) let's go
(Who is the next?)

At least you come on speak, you too speak
Hotter more befuddled

it makes be trembled these tears are gonna gush out of your eyes look look look
we are not giving up our words we just folow our steps (going step by step)
What is good about death you have a long road ahead so let's go go go
(Who is the next?)

At least, u, don't hit (kill) and U also
war is over you are satisfied write write write write on the wall
Armies will get crazy revolution is going
Join us if you wanna peace, we have a place for you here come come come come
We are the next (it's our tern)
Don't stop U, U too speak and U also.

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evfokas     Juni 18th, 2012

I think that "roar louder" or "protest stronger" are better than "clamour stronger" which is kind of unclear, I also don't get the meaning of befuddled here since it has a negative meaning I think ardently, passionately or fiercely might be better candidates in this context

sari_laleler     Juni 19th, 2012

Thank you for comment. I wanna explain: befuddled really has a negative meaning, that can have place in this translation. Can Bonomo used word Dumanlı to show befuddled by propoganda mind, this alternative musician has a right to sing like this. Your alternatives ardently, passionately or fiercely looks better, but can't be used in sence dumanlı. I was tryıng to show all Can's emotions and save meaning of turkish great words. About roar louder It is also nice variant, thank you for this one, but I used clamour because of my american friend's advice, like a word expressing protest. It ıs a great job to rate my translation without knowing turkish, so I must say great thanks to you for your efforts and advices.

evfokas     Juni 19th, 2012

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