To you (An dich)

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To you

To you went every line I ever wrote
Around you my face circles
Dripping with sweat I lie in bed
And can't understand
Can't see you anymore
How it got so far
But now I am ready for a new time
Forget me, don't turn around anymore
Leave me here
You'll see it will work out
Even without you
Miss me, leave me here
And I never say never to you
Will you see me again
Heyey yeah yeah
And I will still think about you
When I am not here anymore
Never forget that I had
Such a good time with you
Totally down I stand there
Torn between the possibilities
And one thing is clear, it was
Von Steena am Fr, 03/04/2009 - 16:04 eingetragen
Kommentare des Autors:

The lyrics are a bit strange, probably a mistake in them? Or more than one?

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An dich

An dich ging jede Zeile, die ich jemals schrieb
Und um dich dreht sich mein Gesicht
Schweißüberströmt lieg' ich im Bett
Und kann nicht mehr
Dich nicht mehr seh'n, verstehn
Wie es so weit kam
Doch nun bin ich bereit für 'ne neue Zeit


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