Pupils' notebooks (Djacki spomenari)

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Pupils' notebooks

In the world there exists many beautiful things
but the nicest are students' notebooks
In them it's written down
how school is
Who's friends with who
and who likes who
Days fly like birds
girls grow up quickly
like some blue flowers
and dream of love
Notebooks hide some splendid wishes
in them are songs
and love secrets
Everything stands in them
All is written in them
Who likes each other a little
and who the most
In the students' books
all love stands
Vesna loves Vlada, Vlada loves Ana,
and it writes to me
I won't lie to you all
But his name
I'm not allowed to tell you all
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Djacki spomenari

Na svetu postoji mnogo lepih stvari,
Al' su najlepši đački spomenari
U njih se zapiše
kako je u školi,


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