If you are a bright star [ An Eisai Ena Asteri (Αν Είσαι Ένα Αστέρι) ]

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If you are a bright star

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This thing happening to me
I’m so afraid to tell a soul
wounded heart of mine I plea
let this I live be true the whole

Please let it be my true love
the cause and reason I dreamt of
right in these eyes I’m staring at
to find sweet love at last

So If you are a bright star
shining your light far
here in my empty life
then never burn out
don’t ever ever set out
don’t let this love awry
never know no strife
But if you’re a dream thought out
the lights then turn out
just let me live a dream
just let it never dawn
don’t ever let be gone
stay deep inside me
to love you agleam

In the path I’ve been through
everything was dark and dew
and even my dreams too
would never become true;
But now you came a blast
and I’m reborn anew
my get go and my last
my precious it’s you

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An Eisai Ena Asteri (Αν Είσαι Ένα Αστέρι)

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