Hey Steamboat


Ej Vapore

Ej vapore
Nisan tamo di je meni misto
S dračon sa kojeg san poteka
I di san davno isčupa
Po ditinjstva svojega
Pa ga u svit misto šoldi odnija

Ej vapore
Ti odriši sidra i konope
Pa me vrati do ditinjstva mog
Di san davno isčupa
Pola srca svojega
Pa ga ispod njenih skala zakopa
Sad me vodi jer će duša skončat
Bez jubavi moje
Usne žedne nek mi liči kapja njezine lipote
Ej vapore, ej vapore

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Hey Steamboat

Hey Steamboat
I'm not there where is my place
With bushes from which I am
And where I ripped out a long time ago
Half of my childhood
And brought it into the world instead of money

Hey Steamboat
Untie your anchors and ropes
And bring me back to my childhood
Where I ripped out a long time ago
Half of my heart
And buried it under her stairway
Now lead me because my soul will end
Without my love
Let my thirsty lips be cured by a drop of her beauty
Hey Steamboat, hey steamboat

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