If You Want To Stay [ Esli Hochesh' Ostat'sya (Если Хочешь Остаться) ]

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If You Want To Stay

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All melodies have been sung, all verse have been written.
It's pity that we can't read thoughts of each other.
Is the wind setting in motion my lips
Or am I crying to you but you can't hear me?
If you want to stay you can stay without a reason
I wish you dream warm shores (countries)
Midnight's come long ago but you still aren't home
You think of staying so you can stay without a reason
We have known all gossips for long months
And haven't sung sing along with guitar
And we haven't wanted sing songs.
The guy who has come together with you is angry looking at watch.
No, it's wrong time! Stop!
Don't go! Be with me!
Sing along with me! Talk to me!
Turn back near to door.
Today the city is wet. (it's raining)
Streets are noisy.
People come home and lock their doors,
They are behind sad windows, they are sad.
No, it's wrong time, stop!
Where are words, where are tales, phrases?
Where are things that we haven't said yet?
You're leaving burning our bridges.
A man you smiling to will stay with you
All melodies have been sung, all verses, all choruses
All poems have been written, are theories have been released
We are tired of all shows, only words will stay.
I want to be with you! Live my life with you!
Live loving you! Live being loved by you!
Share every my day with you!
Come to our home, do our bed!
Present you my life! Adore our children!
Noisy streets will calm down.
The city will get wet.
Maybe sound of wind will sing you this melody.
I wish when you will leave you turn back.
Maybe when you're dreaming you will hear this music.
Maybe I have invented the story.
Is the wind setting in motion my lips
Or am I crying to you but you can't hear me?
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Esli Hochesh' Ostat'sya (Если Хочешь Остаться)

Все мелодии спеты, стихи все написаны,
Жаль, что мы не умеем обмениваться мыслями.
То ли это ветерок мои губы колышет,
То ли это я кричу тебе, но ты меня не слышишь


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