Excess Express (Exzess Express)

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Excess Express

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I search in dirt,
you smell like sex.
I need it fast,
you need it - now.

Love, live, leave to suffer,
It shreds us up.
Without compromise,
You want it hard
you want it - now.

If it's good
It goes by quickly.
Excess Express.
If it's good
it is not enough for two.
Excess Express.

You make me fret,
I am appalled.
You need it raw,
I want it - now.

Love, live, leave to suffer,
hounded by lust.
Going without foreplay
You want it hard
you want it - now.

Even though we will never meet again,
It could go a little faster.
Still a bit faster,

Come and have fun with me*
Bring out the best in me*

(*Give these two last lines the most explicit and sexual interpretation possible)

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I've put all my translated lyrics here. www.chrishugh.net/eisbrecher

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Exzess Express

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