I'm missing you (Falis Mi Ti)

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I'm missing you

I never believed,
that you will be my deception.
Now everything reminds me of you,
even though you didn't love me.
I see everything around us what there used to be,
transparent images haunt me.
And that's why I'm missing, missing you...
when the worthless days pass by.
And that's why I'm missing, missing you...
in bed my love.
I'm hurt because I don't know where you are,
and you still besiege my thoughts.
Blind my sorrow, you feel
like I don't need me anymore.
Slowly our world is falling down
Love with you I carry it in my mind.
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Falis Mi Ti

Verovao nisam nikada,
da ćeš biti moja obmana.
Sad me sve na tebe podseća,
a znam da me nisi volela.


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linds113     Mai 5th, 2012

Thank you so much!

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No problem :biggrin: