im so happy 2 be here!

i like this site so much actually i love it! it helps me to grow my foreign language
its greatttttttttttttt
and i hope 2 find great friends here :angel:

Rym Black     Mai 18th, 2012

welcome i'm new too i hope that we will have the oppotunity to know each other better have a nice time on Lt

aylin_22     Mai 17th, 2012

Hello arfouzz!!! Welcome too Smile ! Where are you from?

arfouzz manga     Mai 17th, 2012

yeah i'm a new so i'm coming here for to know something

SilentRebel83     Mai 4th, 2012

Welcome to LT! Hope your stay here is a pleasant one.

nazzanien     Mai 6th, 2012

thanks alot! Smile

nazzanien     Mai 3rd, 2012

dear aylin 22: thank u 4 being so kind all the persian words u've said are completely true & great...merci Smile

aylin_22     Mai 3rd, 2012

Salâm! Hale shoma chetore? I don't know if it's right and I can't write it at all.I just remember one of my friends saying that Smile ...but I wish you already a warm welcome here and hope you'll enjoy it !!!
Khoda Hafez!