Somebody left a comment on one of my YouTube translation videos that said "Engleza ta sucks"! ROTFL...I might have expected them to say my Romanian sucks, but my ENGLISH???? Someone else pointed out that I am American, so I didn't have to.

Why do these trolls pick on me???? At least this one didn't leave obscenities in Romanian


Katherine0825     Februar 26th, 2012

I agree that playing tennis or ping-pong is more relaxing than dealing with YT trolls. I subscribed to your YouTube channel, btw. If you put up a good Romanian song I want to know about it Smile

It's sad that Cioran abandoned his language. LOL...yeah, Dan Bălan/O-Zone introduced me to the Romanian language and look at me...I've become an honorary Romanian!


Calusarul     Februar 26th, 2012

Katherine, I was lucky to see your situation and not get angry because I wasn't involved. I'm having my own battle/diss on youtube now, but I can't tell whether I'm the troll or the trolled. This internet thing is fine, but a tennis or ping-pong match is more relaxing.

Calusarul     Februar 23rd, 2012

Well, Cioran abandoned his language because it was the language of a small culture/nation... yeah, and it was the period when communism/bolshevism put its claw upon our country

(he had no ideaat that time that Dan Bălan/O-Zone and Inna would one day conquer the world and make people learn Romanian)

and wrote in French his most successful books. But I don't recommend his works to anyone. I've only read paragraphs of some of his books and finished just one: "Schimbarea la față a României". It's like reading your wife's lover's diary... criticising her or the way she used to make love to you (something like that). I guess I'll try and read his other books when I feel too happy and nothing can bother me.

Me, I think he was right in that quote, it is such a mixture. And so is, probably, any other language (except for isolate languages, they are not really mixtures). But I love her even if she has other lovers Tongue (I produced the last sentence using an Irish accent in my head, haha)

Katherine0825     Februar 23rd, 2012

Hmmmm....interesting quote. I don't think the Romanian language is such a mixture of good and bad, but maybe we Americans are less...critical Smile


Calusarul     Februar 22nd, 2012

You know, Katherine, in Romania... even the intellectuals are very... critical:
(with their own language, not with others', though)

N-aș fi abandonat nicicând limba noastră; mi se întâmplă să-i regret și acum mirosul de prospețime şi putreziciune, amestecul de soare și bălegar, urâțenia nostalgică și superba neglijență.
Emil Cioran, „Istorie și utopie” (1960)

Katherine0825     Februar 22nd, 2012

LOL...I thought they would object to me using their song, but they seemed to not mind at all, and in fact liked the fact that I'd translated it.

That Christmas carol was pretty, and well done!


Calusarul     Februar 21st, 2012

Most official youtube accounts of musicians don't allow duplication of videos or people using their music in homemade videos. I'm starting to think it's Dan Teodorescu himself, not a professional PR. Tongue

Katherine0825     Februar 21st, 2012

My way of dealing with trolls is not to respond to what they say, but to start correcting their spelling and grammar in whatever language they're using. I don't say anything else except to correct what are usually NUMEROUS mistakes (trolls are not known for being smart...LOL) and then they either go away or, in the case of my last troll, make friends with me Tongue It's a highly effective strategy! If he continues to troll me (which I don't expect) I can always do that!

I won't be removing my video...the guy just looks like a fool now that someone has pointed out I'm an American. I'm expecting HIM to delete his comments at this point...LOL.

After I put up my first Taxi video (I've actually translated and made videos of 3 of their songs...the other two are Jumatatea mea and Stelele care cad), the official trupaTAXI channel contacted me and sent me a nice message about how they liked my translation, and also sent me a friend request. I think it is their PR!

When I get home, I'll have to listen to that Christmas computer at work doesn't have the ability to play videos, but I'm curious Smile


Calusarul     Februar 21st, 2012

I checked the video. [video: width:262 height:187 align:right] It's not that bad, I've seen worse comments.

You know, I once commented on Taxi's youtube channel and they liked it and invited me to be their friend there Tongue It's probably their PR Wink But they're cool, they have both funny and serious songs. My favourite is "Unde cauți tu iubirea?"

Have you listened to the Christmas carol composed by Dan Teodorescu? It features many Romanian singers and my favourite Romanian musician: Artanu (former Timpuri Noi lead singer).

Version no 2.
[video: width:262 height:187 align:right]

Calusarul     Februar 21st, 2012

My niece used to love a video where a guy from South America was making funny faces on some Romanian children song (Nu mi-e frică de Baubau) and most of the comments were saying: go away, you pedophile, you children rapist and so on - all coming from Romanians, of course. The poor guy removed the video from youtube.
I think you should just delete their comments, they're not worth paying any attention to.