Top 10 cântece în limba română

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Numiți 10 melodii românești care vă plac mai mult decât toate celelalte.
Iată topul meu.
(Nu e nevoie să îl faceți pe al vostru la fel de elaborat; eu sunt chițibușar.)

1. Dincolo de nori - Holograf (Originally by Dan Bittman)
2. Cântec oltenesc - Tudor Gheorghe
3. M-am îndrăgostit un pic - Maria Radu



4. Extravaganza - Loredana Groza
5. Ploaia - El Negro
6. Stan - Timpuri Noi



7. Numai tu - Gândul Mâței
8. Dansul codrilor – Phoenix
9. Categoria grea - Paraziții



10. Iamma - Vița de Vie
Bonus 1: Amintire cu haiduci - Valeriu Sterian
Bonus 2: Ploaie în luna lui marte - Paula Seling/Nicu Alifantis



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I knew it that a top ten was too much. I should have tried a top three, but it was hard for me to pick just 10 songs out of hundreds.

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Yes, most of us, poor students of Romanian, barely know one or two songs. It even occurred to me to list some Manele to punish you! :p

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I don't hate manele. I don't like most of them (the "modern" ones) because they are not authentic, they are simply Arabic, Hindi, Serbian, Turkish (and others) songs, copied, the lyrics changed, not even mentioning they are covers or inspired. I like smartly made manele: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I also like a few modern manele, but I don't like the lyrics: 6.

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My Romanian teacher hates manele, and I get a lot of suggestions from him, so I have admittedly heard little. The ones you posted are OK but I prefer other types of Romanian music. I've made some translation videos of some of my favorite songs. The first one goes through my head all the time when I'm working!

And, I can't neglect the guys who got me interested in learning Romanian in the first place!

I will post more of my favorites later...there are a few I haven't got around to making videos of yet!


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I really liked the song you posted that I translated here--Numai tu (Gândul Mâței)...I may just make a video of that one too when I get a little bit of time!


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Maria Gheorghiu-Fluieraş de os
Marcela Saftiuc-Zorior de ziuă
Doru Stănculescu-Fără petale
Marcela Saftiuc-Fiii lacrimilor tale
Edward Maya w Vika Jigulina-Stereo Love
Cristina Rus-Viaţa mea
Holograf-Vine o zi
Gabriel Cotabiţă-Raiul pe pământ
Tudor Gheorghe-Cântec oltenesc

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