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I need just one elite male
to be the model of my own Julio
Already too long light and stoneless
has been my left ring finger

Even though I'm silent and a little fearful
I'm patient and ingenious
I've been hiding for a long time skulking by now
Working on a love gadget

And today I'm going to dance
to finish my mission
Hey listen Victor Frankenstein
I'm seeking inspiration from you
And I promise I'll love
through the life and after death

There he is now
shining in the lights of a night club
Heart beating in my chest when I approach
"only one hair", I utter, "I can do this"

And when I ask him dance
I steal his DNA
Hey listen Victor Frankenstein
now I got the babe as my own
I promise I'll love him
through the life and after death
Yet someone will have to melt us
and again we'll smooch every day
and who says that eternal love is an entire impossibility?

And today I'm going to dance
To party with my babe

If there's something you think needs to be corrected about my translations, feel free to message me.
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