Hold me tight Corporal (Hou My Vas Korporaal)

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Hold me tight Corporal

Hold me tight, Corporal
I'm a child completely lost
Am I going to see my girlfriend again
when I get off the train?
Yes, indeed, Corporal
It is hard, Corporal
I play war with the best of my days
Yes yes yes, all my friends and I
Will do so, Corporal
Will not refuse although
each day is checked
One day closer to my home
Here and there, Corporal
I feel nauseous, Corporal
My old man's first camp is done
Yes yes yes, almost all his friends together, together
Eye patches bring a clean conscience
It is my duty, not my choice
Here I sit, I sit and die
It isn't my fault but I shut my mouth
(Corporal voice: Shut your mouth!)
She's my girl and her name is "Few Days"
Yes yes yes, all my friends and I together
Together, together
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, Corporal!
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Hou My Vas Korporaal

Hou my vas, korporaal
Ek’s ’n kind skoon verdwaal
Gaan ek weer my tjerrie sien
As ek van die trein afklim?
Ja, sowaar, korporaal
Dis mos swaar, korporaal
Ek speel oorlog met my beste dae
Ja ja ja, ek en al my maatjies


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