Your Life Is Like A Dice [ I Zoi Sou Zari (Η ζωή σου ζάρι) ]

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Your Life Is Like A Dice

I was for you
a game
a portion of egoism
you wanted only
to gain me
and even before I lost you were somewhere else
Your life is like a dice
spoils that you haven't gathered
they made you a favour
all those hearts you've put a spell on
your life is like a dice
and you'll be in pain my love
I wish you deserved
at least one drop of my tears
What is love
you'll never know
and you'll always going at night somewhere else
you throw the arows
you make bets
and as much you risk
you lose everywhere
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I Zoi Sou Zari (Η ζωή σου ζάρι)

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