Taking Care of You (iingatan ka)

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Taking Care of You

In this life of mine
There is only one dream
Is your love
That I can achieve.
Even for just a moment
To watch over you.
The joy is like
never ending..
I hope not to wake up
If I'm only just hoping.
If this life that is colorful
is to walk upon.
Sometimes you'll fall
Sometimes you'll also cry
You don't have to be sad.
When in your life
there's still someone loving you.
Taking care of you
Taking care of you
In my heart you are my hope.
In our world
There's someone that'll guide you.
I dedicate this, my love for you.
There's someone that's loving you, helping you.
My Mother, you are the one that gave
Life to me.
Life that's so beautiful.
My dream is to achieve it now.
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