I give you (Je te donne)


Je te donne


I can give you a voice, bred with rythm and soul
The heart of a Welsh boy who's lost his home
Put it in harmony, let the words ring
Carry your thoughts in the songs we sing
Je te donne mes notes, je te donne mes mots
Quand ta voix les emporte a ton propre tempo
Une épaule fragile et solide à la fois
Ce que j'imagine et ce que je crois

Je te donne toutes mes différences,
Tous ces défauts qui sont autant de chances
On n'sera jamais des standards, des gens bien comme il faut
Je te donne ce que j'ai, ce que je vaux

I can give you the force of my ancestral pride
The will to go on when Ii'm hurt deep inside
Whatever the feeling, whatever the way
It helps me go on from day to day
Je te donne nos doutes et notre indicible espoir
Les questions que les routes ont laissées dans l'histoire
Nos filles sont brunes et l'on parle un peu fort
Et l'humour et l'amour sont nos trésors


Je te donne, donne, donne ce que je suis

I can give you my voice bred with rythm and soul,
Je te donne mes notes, je te donne ma voix
The songs that i love, and the stories I've told
Ce que j'imagine et ce que je crois
I can make you feel good even when I'm down
Les raisons qui me portent et ce stupide espoir
My force is a platform that you can climb on
Une épaule fragile et forte à la fois
Je te donne, je te donne
Tout ce que je vaux, ce que je suis, mes dons, mes défauts,
Mes plus belles chances, mes différences

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I give you

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I give you my notes, I give you my words
When your voice carries them at your own tempo
A shoulder both fragile and strong
What I imagine and what I believe

(Chorus) I give you all my differences,
All these flaws that are advantages too
We'll never be standard-issue, respectable people
I give you what I have, what I'm worth


I give you our doubts and our inexpressible hope
The questions that roads [ie journeys] have left behind in history
Our girls have brown hair and we speak a bit loudly
And humour and love are our treasures

I give you what I am
I give you my notes, I give you my voice,
What I imagine and what I believe
The reasons that drive me and that stupid hope
A shoulder both fragile and strong

I give you, I give you all that I'm worth,
What I am, my gifts, my flaws
My greatest advantages: my differences

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I've only translated the French lines, obviously!!!

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