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Jenny is 16 years old and she has blue eyes
With her hair like a wheat she goes
Barefoot towards a city
Looking for a face of a boy
Who does not dream any more

In the hand she holds a photo
But where to find him, Jenny does not know
Driven by a cosmic energy,
She sees a body, choked from this arid reality
She knows that it is him because he never laughs

Jenny is an island
Ave Maria of the shipwrecked
A firefly that will shine
In the most dark moments for him

Jenny accompanies him to his house
She feels his thoughts and melancholy
That drown him like a tide
And she saves his heart from the pain of his madness
While the world is going away without having a mercy

Jenny is an anchor
The land ahead for the week people
She is a cloud
That will rain confetti

She is a fairy tale and she stays
In this reality
For him, for him

Jenny is Africa
The nostalgia of the shivers
She is a crumb
That will feed the loneliness

Jenny is a blue sky,
She is a miracle,
She is a moment
That lights up for him
In the darkest moments

Jenny is 16 years old and she goes
Walking barefoot
And she does not know
That she is an angel

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