Khoshbakhti (Shaado Khoshbakhti - شاد و خوشبختی)

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I wanted to tell you how sad I am,
But then I realised it was too selfish,
I couldn't do it,
Im going to tolorate, although its too hard,
but I must know that you are happy,
that you are happy,
I must hear that you have a relaxed life(world),
I must hear that you really love him,
I actually can see it by just looking into your eyes,
There is someone up there,
just like me, an insane lover,
who treats you better than I did,
What did you do to me that I'm being Cruel to myself?
You smile (laugh),
How sweet is it to forgive?
I can understand now.
I want you, this is all I want
I'm leaving, this is how crazy I can get,
You can't even hear my voice now,
You are happy and this is ENOGUH for me,
What did you do to me, that I am being creul to myself?
You smile(laugh),
How sweet is it to forgive?
I understand now,
I understand now
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Shaado Khoshbakhti - شاد و خوشبختی

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The title is not translated.