Leningrad - Kolshchik (Кольщик) (Englisch Übersetzung)

Englisch Übersetzung

The tattoo artist

First Verse
We were living at my place.
He didn't pull his share on bills or food.
Well, in short, he hasn't got a clue
And always in a shitty mood.
Do me a tattoo, do me a tattoo on my brows.
Tattoo artist, do me a tattoo on my brows
In memory of a great love,
So that my gaze became more dour.
Do me a tattoo!!! Do me a tattoo!!!
Second Verse:
He was blabbing and had strange views.
And always poking in the kitchen, twit.
He was mixing vodka with the juice.
And loved Real Madrid.
Third Verse:
The bass is playing,
Playing solo,
Later we'll sing as soon as she tattooed her brows.
Give us a fight, yeah , finish talking, yeah
Tell us your story
Beautiful Florida.
Fourth Verse:
And than he rushed to be free.
On the way he jumped off.
A daughter Olya he left for me.
And under the door mat the key.
Chorus: X2
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Kolshchik (Кольщик)