Cuba (Kuba)

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When I pass through the old chestnut neighborhood
On the ex-border of Zagreb
I fell so unprepared
For the thing I see there
Oh, it has gone so easily!
The old image of stuff
This color isn't mine
I keep another one's secret
Saw is playing in another backyard
When we are left alone
And paper boats are sailing
To a stunning night
Chestnut branches are passing above us
We are hidden in the dark
And Russian military music
Is playing on the TV
Tr tr tr tr
Gonna buy myself a trumpet
And C C C C C
Gonna go to Cuba
There, there are no fabulous ladies
From big commercials
Nobody is hungry for bread
And there, there is no democracy
There, a rich guy is the one who has
Time and smoke
There, you receive with your heart
And divide with everyone
There, there is a lot of rum
So suspicion will go away
So suspicion will go away...
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Kad prođem starim kvartom kestena
Na bivšoj granici Zagreba
Osjetim se sasvim nespreman
Za to što vidim tu
Kako je samo lako nestala
Stara slika stvari
Ova boja nije moja


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