My Love If You Would Go Away (Kulta Jos Sä Lähtisit)

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My Love If You Would Go Away

I have started to get adjusted to this
You always rush me and give me strokes of luck
I got used to your smile the first time I saw it
and will never get tired of watching it here
At least i hope so, come and hug me
I want to hug you, and not let you go
You are my dream, Even in a dream
you come to and make the nightmare go away
Are you an angel? If you are, I want one too
When I look into your eyes, I see the whole heart
When you are next to me, everything feels so good
Goes deep these emotions, I share them to everyone
Writing love on a paper, open up also to the pen
A piece of my heart,
well or the whole heart would tear off
If you were gone, so my love I ask
Don't go away and leave this duckling (baby animal)
I am only Tiahu and I need you to take care of me
My Love, If you would leave
that piece
is never returned (to me)
That piece I would search forever
with that pattern I wrote also this text
My Love, come to me
I will forget my worries
I would do anything for you
From morning 'til night I would take you to my arms [1]
Arrow surprised me, I would even die for you
When you are here, my whole life is smiling
Light pushing through all the darkness
When you are here I don't feel no evil
When I only focus to how I long to be with you
You are always on my mind, always besides me
When something goes wrong,
you luckily stand in front of the way (?)
You know me the best, You spend the moments with me
Don't escape my love, or I will wander here alone
When you are mine, I can rest in peace during nights
Do I play tough? Maybe, but I have a fragile heart
I promise you that i have never had this feeling
I have never written anything with such emotion
When you are with me, all sorrow worries evaporate
Angst changes and this only your magic
No worries of passing of time,
and "not that important" (?)
I just wanted to say that I love (you) and care (about you)
You are a treasure,
you are the piece that I needed for my puzzle
Treasure via which the whole world is opening to me
Gold that I would search as a gold digger
A discovery of which discovering I wrote this text also
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[1] huolia = alternative translation could be that she is good enough to come to his arms, but not in that cold sense as one could think from this Smile


Kulta Jos Sä Lähtisit

oon tähä pikku hiljaa alkanu jo tottumaa
aina hoputat ja annat onnenpotkuja
totuin hymyys ekan kerran ku mä näin sen
ja lakkaamasta katsomasta sitä koskaa tääl en
ainaki toivon nii, tuu antaa hali
haluun halata sua enkä päästää irti
oot mun unelmani, unessaki