The map of Tendre (La carte du tendre)

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The map of Tendre

Along the the river flowing
through the banks of meeting
from the spring of wondering,
as a new day dawns
a whole dreamy landscape can be seen:
the tender land of lovers.
You go forth with your heart
trembling from the joy of sailing together,
not knowing what awaits you.
So does begin a journey
strewn with the hardships and illusions
of love and its torments.
Some streams of slander
shatter the silence
trying to sweep everything away.
Shipwreck threatens also
when the wind carries you near
the islands of infidelity.
Farther on the flow pushes you
toward the rocks of dissension
and difficulties to cope with each other.
At last the soil becomes bare:
that's the desert of habit
laid waste by boredom.
When the road seems too long,
there is the stopover of lie,
the inn of jealousy
where resentment is the main dish,
bitterness is served as wine1
and pride sits at your table2.
But when everything seems to drift apart,
the river's quick waters flow again
and we sail endlessly forth
until you discover on the banks of Tender
the garden where you can lay and rest.
  • 1. lit "we get drunk on bitterness here"
  • 2. lit. "and pride keeps you company"
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La carte du Tendre is an metaphoric landscape from the 17th century, depicting love and the perils that threaten it.
The song is a free depiction of this landscape, with the "Tender" seen as a river.

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La carte du tendre

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