There's no sleep (Mafi Nom)

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There's no sleep

There's no sleep after today unless it's beside you my love
I wanna go crazy, I won't stop and reach for the stars
Wela wela wela Swangger around oh heart
Close your eyes and watch me
I'm gonna show you what your craziness does to me
When you whisper affectionately, you drive me insane
When you touch my hands, you drive me insane
and love goes on and on
Don't you dare be away from me
I miss you when you're away
Stay close to me so I smell your clothes
You own my soul, heart and eyes
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Mafi Nom

وما في نوم بعد اليوم ما في نوم الا جنبك حبيبي
أنا بدي جن ما رح كن بدي جن وشوف السما قريبة
ويله ويله ويله - ويله ويله ويله تمخطر يا قلبي المغروم


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