maneuvers of happiness (Manewry szczęścia)

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maneuvers of happiness

Between you and me I'll tell you
That If we would redeem the world
Surely we'd be left alone
So alone - me and you
We don't care about anything
Maybe only about warm streams
Transfering from lips to lips
Like the essence of humanity
Then you and me and always someone else
Secretly between you and me, tell me
What would you do if we were
finally together alone
So alone - me and you
We live in the barracks
We are a target in the game called 'maneuvers of happiness'
In which
We versus the rest of community
You and me and always someone else
I remember
Curtains were moving
And everything around us too
In fact, only doors and windows were standing still
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Manewry szczęścia

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