My ultimate tango in Athens (Mi último tango en Atenas)

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My ultimate tango in Athens

Neurotic harmony in the metropolis’s microcosm
narcissistic culture in a dogmatic monarchy
cacophonous symphony, pandemonium in the atmosphere
a melody symbol, melodrama and tragedy
Ideologic orgasm of barbarism to the dyslexic
political theory in an oneiric parody
fantasm tyranny, a megalomanic dilemma
of a rherorical metabolism without thesis nor antithesis
This is my ultimate tango in Athens
a tearful tango that’s running through my vein
(repeat verse once)
A heroic patriot, tragic, systematic
paranoiac hypocrisy without esoteric dialogue
ironic theater, a plastic syndicate
and epicenter of the epidemic, a dream, a utopia.
Hyperbolic energy, democratic antidote
critical labyrinth without enthusiasm, without rhyme
epidemical music on a masochistic pentagram
and the toxic symmetry of a necrological epilogue.
There’s an aromatic oasis, parallel, physiological
enigmatic prophet, chronic and orthodox phenomenon
without racism or extremism, without ethnic taboos
with a lyric ecstasy in it’s practice
it’s the melodic and fantastic anthropic being.
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The words of the song use intentionally greek roots

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Mi último tango en Atenas

Armonia neurotica en el microcosmο de la metropoli
cultura narcisista en una monarquia dogmatica
simfonia cacofonica, pandemonium en la atmosfera
melodia simbolo, melodrama y tragedia.
Orgasmo ideologico del barbarismο a la teoria
politico dislexico en parodia onirica
tirania fantasma, dilema megalomano


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