how will you know? (Nereden bileceksiniz?)

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how will you know?

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i have been covered in dust head to toe
my face and back have been covered by fog
my beards have been covered in rust
how will you know how i have been burning?
i was a young tree, i have been falling down,
i was a tempest , i ve been settled down
i have been tired , very tired
how will you know what i have been going thru?
i have been arrived by destroying the concrete walls
i have been arrived by ripping off the steals
i have been arrived by destroying my life
how will you know what i ve been running away from?
in the skies, stars have been fading now
my mom has been calling me now
i have a lover , has been suffering now
how will you know what i have been drinking for?
i was a fountain, i have turn out to be blood
i have beome a road house
i made a mistake i have been gone to wasted
how will you know why i have been in silence ?
i ve left crying eyes behind me
i ve left a crying wife
i ve left my left side dead
how will you know who I have been sulking to?
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