No Title (Krejt E Din)

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No Title

you're saying too little to me
and i only know a little (about you)
this is the reason that I'm coming with you
everyone has waited a little
a little and they have known nothing
and they have made us the reason
you are still who you are, and they known
and all that you did was seen
everyone knows this
are you saying it's my fault that i'm naturally lively ( born energetic)
i'm the only one, only have one color of my face
not tall, but big, and i'm with many people, i only have one name
everyone melts from this side sweetheart
sweetheart, remember i'm the real thing
there ain't enough pages in the newspaper to write about me
through a day, i make it seem like you don't know a thing
you know you can't buy me
you know you can't ...
who i am, and who you are
every Albanian knows, who makes things happen, and who doesn't
this was seen from the beginning
i speak on every year not just one year
this is the real thing, and just hurt those who argue
i'm on the outside, not the inside
say the truth, and no lies
years fall throughout this place
bad for those who don't have a place
i'll straighten things out, when you are wrong
i'm the ambassador of my character
i'm the most grand out there i'll take no other word for it
i'll make this a country, it'll become one
shakes- the place shakes when the king comes
shakes- the earth shakes from this tornado
shakes-the country shakes from this flavor
genta and geti we're a country on it's own
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Krejt E Din

Pak po ma thua ti
pak une vet e di
shkak e qe vi edhe une me ty
Pak krejt e kena prit
pak e hiq se kena dit
shkak edhe neve na ka nxit


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