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No Title

i loved you a lot my eye pupil
why did you go
i cant be without you i've learnt that from you
i stand all alone on these places
and you are in strange arms far away
dont inquire after my health nor come beside me
that i wait for without you is only death
those eyes of mine cries every night
im again on deaths all alone
however everything began so good
our acquaintance was smth like miracle
our first day was like a dream
to be with you was everything for me
the remains doesnt go out of my mind
those looks is in front of my eyes (she means that she always imagine the looks)
all my days that passed with you
i hide every moment of it on my heart
may my lifetime be offer for your way (for you)
as long as youre ok
may those who is in happiness dont seperate
may pains be far away from you
my miserable heart bleed inside me aches
where are you this soul rave you
let me come together with you at last time before i die
please come back to me i cant kill this soul before i see (you)
only bullet is remedy to this pain
Rabbim sen koru onu bag?sla (there is a word here im not sure its koru, it soudns smth as d but i cant figure out i think she say koru) my god protect him forgive him
while my body rot in this dark soil
my soul shall wait for you here
leaving me all alone now
my dear didnt come in front of me for last time
i dont want duvet to my last bed
may soil operate in your emptinedd
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