Elisabet og Elinborg

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Elisabet og Elinborg

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Little cute Elinborg with hair yellow as the sun
she sings and dances freely
whereby she froze
she plays among the flowers
she loves the lovely "litir" (I think litir means something small, and that the lyrics are refering to small animals or something)
like a fair queen of sun
in the grass she sits

Elisabet Maria with beautiful blue eyes
she paints beautiful paintings
with (I think its something yellow and red)
she paints all the small ones
as the day you own
like a fair sunstar
Elisabet Maria.

suddenly so peacefull
and the birds are resting
the red sun goes to sleep
and lets the moon shine
they make their way to their father
who sits at their side
And now little Elinborg is sleeping
along with Elisabet Maria

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Elisabet og Elinborg

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