Benevis (Benevis Az Sare Khat - بنویس از سر خط)

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write from the beginning
that you think of her(/him) no more
write for her to know
if she leaves you, your heart wont be bloody broken!
she who left you, once will be back, repentant
Call her not, let her look for you.
weep no more
since your tears delight her
do not stay with her more
since she is no more concerned about you
if she desired, she would stay. Now she is gone and I forget the pain
if she had stayed, she'd see that I give my heart to no one except her.
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Benevis Az Sare Khat - بنویس از سر خط

بنویس از سر خط
بنویس که دلت دیگه به یادِ اون نیست
بنویس که بدونه
وقتی نباشه قلبت از غُصه خون نیست
اون که گذاشت و رفت
یه روز سرش به سنگ می‌خوره برمی‌گرده
دیگه صداش نکن


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