benevis az sare khat
benevis ke delet dige be yade un nist.

benevis ke bedune
vaghti nabashe, delet az ghose khun nist.

uni ke gozashto raft, ye ruz saresh be sang mikhore barmigarde.
dige sedash nakon, bezar khodesh biyad donbalet begarde.

dige gerye nakon.
akhe ashke to ba`ese shadi une.

dige be pash nasuz.
akhe un vase to dige del nemisuzune.

age mikhast mimund.hala [ke rafte o] ghosash rafte ze yadam.
age pisham mimund, midid joz un be hichkasi del nemidadam.

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write from the beginning
that you think of her(/him) no more

write for her to know
if she leaves you, your heart wont be bloody broken!

she who left you, once will be back, repentant
Call her not, let her look for you.

weep no more
since your tears delight her

do not stay with her more
since she is no more concerned about you

if she desired, she would stay. Now she is gone and I forget the pain
if she had stayed, she'd see that I give my heart to no one except her.

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