If this happens [ Aν πάει έτσι (An paei etsi) ]

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If this happens

Today i started over my "belt sander"
to sharpen the blade of my mind
i felt like i was in the end of a movie shooting
and i had to be surious with my role.
After all, i adore madness
and everyone who rap have born crazy
their lives always look like a fixed game
and they know by heart that they are losers.
I face the whole situation
the beauty that i lived vividely
my choise, maybe futile and inept
but i would like to check if i was wrong.
Now that everything is better
i will ask from you, my "flame", to light up
and if anyone requests the opposite
and this happens, I will leave you to them.
If you think that i'm old and useless
and everything i do is in vain
see if i can still accomplish
and do the impossible, like the old days.
Maybe somebody around you have been tired
and their lives revolve around their memories
maybe they still afraid of you
and with every chance they envy you.
Maybe everybody became taller suddenly
and they came face to face with the divine
maybe they became so cheerful
and everything they do look small to me.
I have a passionate relationship with you
and i managed to break all my bonds.
If they ask it, my dear "flame"
i'll surrender and i will leave you alone.
Maybe somebody listen to me and cannot believe it
and maybe others feel joy
but my magic will be always solid
and will give the opportunity to somebody
to be able to walk around proudly
and not take me into account,
after all i lived my life in a way
so that i, will not lose my identity.
And everything i said beyond thought
i'm glad that we experienced them
and all the beautiful, pure thoughts
lets accompany everyone.
When i search my soul i don't see an old man
neither do i thought to let you go
i know that without you i'm dead
but if this happens i will leave you alone.
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Aν πάει έτσι (An paei etsi)

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