Down on Love Street (Pe ulița dorului)

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Down on Love Street

Hey, țurai, on love street,
As much as you walk on it, there’s no mud there,
But only low-grass grows there,
And one loves to walk on it.
Hey, țurai,, at Ileana Bud’s place,
The lamp rocks hanged on a fastener,
The lamp rocks hanged on a fastener
Because of longing for one’s lover.
Hey, țurai, your mouth is so beautiful, a source,
Not a source of water, but of yearning.
My dear, your eyes are back,
I don’t know whom you inherited them from.
Hey, țurai, my mother has given me my eyes,
My dear loves them so much,
My mother has given me my mouth
As sweet as the violin,
My mother has given me my mouth
As sweet as the violin.
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Pe ulița dorului

Hai, țurai, pă ulița dorului,
Cât ai mere, tină nu-i,
Numa' crește troscoțăl
De ți-i drag a mer' pe el, măi.
Hai, țurai, la Ileana Budului,
Leagănă-să lampa-n cui,
Leagănă-să lampa-n cui


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