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(Welcome to your Persepolis…)

A curse falls over the city
Leviathan falls into a white list
Dusty merciful ones are on a smoking break
On a whisky street they're throwing nails

Darius III sits in peace
Trust me, it started with a couple of small boards
From a small village grows into a parish
Home pride turning unpleasant

Women weaving colourful rugs
An ashy stranger treads in Persia
Backward voodoo, damn as
The Bothnian Bay's artemisia1, the best generous

In Luoma2 it is feared: "may I call you by the first name
You Sinuhe3 have had a little too good life"
From Egypt to countryside, to the beach of the Mediterranean Sea
A Greek doesn't give, gets an electric Finnish zither4

A gold road is introduced by the hands of a converter
Plodded on by boots, patted by a shovel
We don't bother to close the wreaths
A zeppelin explodes into the tower of a barbarian

The Sun's fault fault, the Sun's fault fault,
The Sun's fault fault, that (night comes)
Leviathan hundred years on the sand of Sahara
A head is cut off with a sword in Persepolis

The Sun's fault fault, the Sun's fault fault,
The Sun's fault fault, that (night comes)
Leviathan hundred years on the sand of Sahara
It's rap, a head is cut off with a sword

The civilization's stone ring has been stretched
A vandal has been tamed to ski in centers
Free merchants swim cheerfully in scheisse
François is chained to laissez-faire

The same dark clouds in a Swedish theatre
A Spartan guerilla on the old, conquered parquet
Can't be silenced because there is a voice in everyone
Olive trees of progress, local in a muddy

Damn it, thousands of production farms to the south
A slack clay bank, the soil will rip
An army faculty yells a song through in Tallinn
Where a run-down man in control of the ruins

Showing off with the body of the officers
Scenery is being planned,
Can only pay with bills
The decadence and glory of the white system
With chariots in Titanic, a mountain bandit as


A longing tango in wonderland
Mega machine vowed freedom
Frankenstein forging
A sampo5 in the middle of the night

Steam engines are a burning issue
A hacker has field rows
Rests on a cross-ruled paper
A burial place on a heater

Our killer rotates bullets in arm while being convalescent
A flock of birds fly here and there, arrowheads, across the sky
Mercantilism's success has gone, automatic spinning jenny
We don't believe Armageddons, Renny directs Alexander

Can't ski because North Pole is melting
Blue-green alga floating in the open sea, people in trouble
Post-perestroika, Mary Poppins plays
Further along the electric wire, pets pets leaps

Thunderstorm webs, copper sleds
Couriers, webs, kings, speakers
A seizing of Russia under the water surface
Pressure over Finland in the garden of Bilderberg

Abandoned railways, heated floors
Evaporated glass houses and Einstein's pots
Pent-up pain, cat litter bags
There is waste from Kauppatori6 to Silicon Valley in the nuclear hill


  • 1. Perämerenmaruna is a plant (I'm not sure is there an official translation for it).
  • 2. "luoma" can be a placename, or mean a creek or a pond - it varies in the different parts of Finland.
  • 3. The main character in Mika Waltari's book The Egyptian.
  • 4. A Finnish instrument.
  • 5. An artifact in Kalevala (Finnish mythology) which was able to make flour, salt and gold out of thin air. "Rahasampo" has come to mean something that is very profitable.
  • 6. Kauppatori is a famous market square in Helsinki.
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This was quite tricky to translate, so there may be mistakes. And as you can see, there are references to many different things.

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