The last Autumn [ Posliedniaia osien' (Последняя осень) ]

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The last Autumn

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In the last Autumn, neither line nor breath is present,
The last songs have been covered by Summer,
A farewell fire burns out the epoch
And we watch the shadow and the light.
In the last Autumn,
In the last Autumn
An Autumn storm, in jest, swept away
All that suffocated us on dusty nights.
All that gave, played, shimmered
The Autumnal wind has torn into clumps.
In the last Autumn,
In the last Autumn
Oh dear Alexander Sergeyevitch*,
Well, why didn't you tell us anything
About how you held, searched, loved,
About what you knew that last Autumn.
In the last Autumn,
In the last Autumn
The famished sea, whispering, swallowed
the Autumnal sun, and you will no longer
recall what was beyond the clouds
and the dusty grass will elude the touch of your hands
Into the last Autumn go the poets
never to be returned; the boarded up windows,
the rains remain and the frozen Summer,
love remains and animate rocks.
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Posliedniaia osien' (Последняя осень)

В последнюю осень ни строчки, не вздоха
Последние песни осыпались летом,
Прощальным костром догорает эпоха
И мы наблюдаем за тенью и светом
В последнюю осень,
В последнюю осень


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alina kor     Februar 7th, 2016
coramba     Februar 10th, 2016

Nice work, really lively, thank you!

Here's one small note:
> The Autumnal wind has torn into clumps
In the original text author plays with similar sounding Russian words:
Осенний - the one which came from Autumn, Autumnal
Осиновый - the one made of\fulfilled with Aspen (tree).
The word used in original line is Осиновый, referring to a smell of aspen, smell of Autumn, end of something. On all other lines he uses the word Осенний (Autumnal).

Hope you'll find this usefull.