The fine [ Prostimo (Πρόστιμο) ]

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The fine

If there weren’t seeds in a watermelon
and spines on an urchin,
if this love didn’t hurt as much
and if you, my baby,
weren’t a foe as well
If there weren’t fouls in the game
and carryings-on in a kiss,
if we didn’t pay for each of our journeys
and if it were easy, my little one,
to step out of line
The food wouldn’t be as delicious,
and the water wouldn’t be as sweet,
without the fine,
the secret fine
If the path was clear
and the dogs were leashed¹
if the policeman were our good father
and if they weren’t
the simple things so complex
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¹ The path is clear and the dogs are leashed is a greek idiom meaning you're more than free to leave or to do whatever. So If you know of an english equivalent idiom that has two clauses (path/clear-dogs/leashed) please leave a comment so that I can update the translation

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Prostimo (Πρόστιμο)

Αν δεν είχε κουκούτσια το καρπούζι
και αγκάθια ο αχινός.
Αν δεν πονούσε τόσο η αγάπη
κι αν εσύ, μωρό μου,
δεν ήσουν και εχθρός.
Αν δεν είχε φάουλ το παιχνίδι
και τσαλίμια το φιλί.


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