Quando l’amore c’è (When there's love) [ Quando l'amore ]

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Quando l’amore c’è (When there's love)

when there's love
you've got the feeling to fly
and time to spend together
almost never suffices...
when there's love
you don't go out with
friends as often anymore
and you look for corners
of peace to hide with her...
when there's true love
you feel transported away
as being roped up
to a thread of folly...
and then you do things
you never did before
like looking at yourself
in the glass before
running to her...
when love takes you
what you do in a sigh
you don't blab ever
and then it doesn't frighten
you to go far away
to drive at night
or in a plane
and you'll make
lots of trips...
when there's no love
you don't wanna talk
you stay alone in the
darkness to listen to a
pain that you don't want...
we there's no love anymore
you feel flat as if
the world has passed
over you...
and whether there's
love or not
it's an emotion in any case
let it grow with you...
and only at the end
you'll be able to tell
you'll have the power
to understand whether
there's love or not...
and only at the end
you'll be able to tell
you'll have the power
to understand when
there's true love...
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Quando l'amore

quando l’amore c’è
ti vien voglia di volare
e il tempo che trascorri insieme
non ti basta quasi mai...
quando l’amore c’è
esci di meno
con gli amici


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