Please translate West Ryder Silver Bullet


West Ryder Silver Bullet

Then I went down into the basement where my friend the maniac busies himself with his electronic graffiti. Finally, his language touches me because he talks to that part of us which insists on drawing profiles on prison walls. In that moment, poetry will be made by everyone and there will be emus in the zone

[Verse 1]
Mist covers the ground
In the city
Engine rumbles quiet as we drift by
I wish you could see
Through my crooked eye (Silence let me whisper)
Oh your beauty
Plays me just like a guitar string (Its so true)

I want your touch
Oh how I want you
Far too much
She's my baby
(He's my baby)

[Verse 2]
Days drift into one
Its so pretty
Traveling Wilburys police photofits
And this stolen car
Is loaded with junk (Silence let me whisper)
Its so dirty
You'll be the death of me
But that's okay