From Gradacac's white tower of Dragon of Bosnia (Sa Gradačca Bijele Kule)

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From Gradacac's white tower of Dragon of Bosnia

From Gradacac's white tower
of Dragon of Bosnia
Falcons chant
notes of sorrow:
Faithful love, died
of Husein Beg
'cos she lost the lord
of her heart
Saddled his black stallion
Husein-Captain has
Rode off to Romanija
to fight a battle.
On the tower, his faithful love,
Allah illa-llah,
prayed she has, cried she has,
awaited the voice.
Below casements,
herald arrived, heart-broken.
Remarry, beloved one,
your beg is no more.
of love and sorrow
by her window
her aching heart burst
she'll have no other
Of Husejnija-mosque minaret
muezzin recites,
of the towers and ramparts
crying are the hawks
Till Istanbul echo goes
of notes of sorrow
barren became the white tower
of Dragon of Bosnia
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Sa Gradačca Bijele Kule

Sa Gradačca, b'jele kule Zmaja od Bosne
Sokolovi zakliktali kajde žalosne:
Umrla je vjerna ljuba Husein-begova,
Jer izgubi gospodara srca svojega.
Osedl'o je vranca svoga Husein-kapetan
Odjezdio Romaniji, podijelit' mejdan.
Na čardaku vjerna ljuba-Allah, illa-llah,
klanjala je, plakala je, haber čekala.


sani_1974     Juli 22nd, 2012

Challenge accepted Smile

BTW: A Beg is a title; I think equivalent of "Duke", in modern Turkish it means "mister". In modern Bosnian it is used as attribute to describe wealth or power (master of his domain). eg Lives like a Beg.
Captain Husein (nicknamed Dragon of Bosnia) led the uprising of Bosnian people; to get more autonomy inside Ottoman Empire (1830s).