Ne trazis me dugo sama boris se
Pazis da ne uhvatim ti trag
svoje poraze svima lako sakrices
Al bi poznao te neko davno drag

Ja ne trazim te, umem da ti pobjegnem
pazim da ne pomislim na nas
moje poraze niko ne primjecuje
to sam samotebi privao na glas

Al dodju mi dani kad u vazduhu te ipak osetim na cas
i znam da places tiho sto zivot nam prolazi bez nas

Kao stihija ceo zivot pred ocima
sad vidim ti i ja, sta smo imali nekada
jedan svet je pukao na sveta dva
sad pusta a nedodirljiva

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You don't look for me, you've been fighting alone for long
You're careful so that I won't catch your trace
You hide your own defeats from everyone easily
But someone loved by you for long would know you

I don't look for you, I can escape from you
I'm careful so that I don't think about us
Noone can descern my own defeats
I have told this aloud only to you

But days are coming to me, when I still feel you in the air for a moment
And I know that you're crying quietly, that our life is passing without us

Like a torch, a whole life in front of the eyes
Now I see you and me, what we used to have someday
One world broke into two worlds
Now empty and untouchable

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