A part of me (Una parte di me)

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A part of me

There's a part of me that follows you even if
You're not here, even if you don't want me
There's a part of me that's a part of you
I live with it for a while

Ever since we avoid who we are
I don't know
I'm in the middle of a hurricane and
I'm no longer protected

Tell me how many times
Did I expect from you more than I gave
When my caresses are your uncertainties
They're never enough for you, you no longer need them
You tell me

That silence which is a part of me
Goes behind you
Making me stay like this, with that other half
And you don't know how noisy it is

I miss those delays, those glances
The ones that now are faded

Tell me how many times
Did I expect from you more than I gave
All those lost opportunities, the various choices
And the certainty that you'll understand me more
... now that I lose you I realize what you are

Tell me how many times, if too many times,
Did I make something wrong, at least tell me why
Give me more time, I expect this
It's the right that this part of me has

A part of me ...

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Una parte di me

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