You already know (Už víš)

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You already know

Music by Martin Ledvina
Text by Martin Ledvina
you already know that it comes closer
that there's nothing that hurts worse
and anxiety silently clenches you
the circle tightens closing you in
you feel that I'm changed
it is pain, it's a feeling of guilt
of us two remained half a couple
in an ocean of tears, in a drop of wine
/: from the nightfall till the day breaks
forgiveness, love-making
fragile words, tender tremble
there's nothing like that since a long time
in this country in this world
I' m no longer the person who wants you
I am leaving I'll abandon you
with this word with this sentence :/
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Už víš

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Miley_Lovato5 Jahre 17 Wochen
petrof5 Jahre 17 Wochen
petrof     November 20th, 2011

exelent - jsem hodntil obsah -ideu,
Na grammar si netroufám, pouze jedna připomínka v prvním verši druhé sloky si přeložil
"jsem jiná" jako I am changed.
change - myslím si vyjádřuje záměnu výměnu osob nebo věcí, tady ona je ta sama změna je v povaze a podobně
Já bych tam dal -other, co myslíš?

krutykrtek     November 23rd, 2011

Thank you very much, I replaced some words.