Am I The One To Blame (Виновна ли съм)

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Am I The One To Blame

Don't judge me when I fly in
with the night wind,
tiptoeing like a shadow
to kiss you in your sleep.
Am I the one to blame
that my heart had chosen you,
sinful and fateful
my soul will seek.
Am I the one to blame for loving you,
am I to blame for giving a pledge to you,
and that your love for me is sacred,
or is our fate the one to blame.
Stars from the sky
I'll gather in my hands,
They'll guide your path to me
and to my heart, I crave for you,
am I the one to blame,
sinful and fateful
my love burns inside me.
Von hinotori2772 am Mi, 29/02/2012 - 11:42 eingetragen

Виновна ли съм

Не ме съди когато долитам
с вятъра в нощта,
на пръсти като в сянка
да те целуна и в съня.


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