A Desperate Life (Vita spericolata)

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A Desperate Life

I want my life to be rough,
Of those lives created like this.
I want a life when you don't care,
When you don't care about anything, yes.
I want a life when it is never late.
I want a life when you can not sleep.
I want a life when no one ever knows about.
And then we will find ourselves like stars
Drinking a whisky in a Roxy bar
Or maybe we will never meet.
Everyone will pursue his troubles,
Everyone on his own road,
Everyone is different
And everyone is lost
Inside of his things.
I want a desperate life,
I want a life as in films.
I want an exaggerated life,
I want life as at Steve Mac Queen's.
I want such a life when it is never late,
Such a life when you can not sleep
I want a life,
I want a life full of troubles.
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Vita spericolata

Voglio una vita maleducata
di quelle vite fatte, fatte così
voglio una vita che se ne frega
che se ne frega di tutto, sì
voglio una vita che non è mai tardi
di quelle che non dormo mai
voglio una vita di quelle che non si sa mai


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