Your beast loves you (Voli te tvoja zver)

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Your beast loves you

Your breath lures me to give myself to you
And I will,because I'm alone for the very long time
No,I don't want to hear anything about her
Your breath is calling me to give myself to you
Your beast loves you,loves you
Your prince charming
Gift and ember from your destiny
I left a trace on your skin
Which is never,never going to fade
I left a powder in your heart
And it's going to last forever
No,you didn't want an angel
You wanted a pure devil
You got that from me
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Voli te tvoja zver

Tvoj dah me mami da ti se dam
i hoću jer dugo, dugo sam sam
ne, neću za nju, neću da znam
tvoj dah me mami da ti se dam
Voli te, voli te tvoja zver
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